Hello, my name is Jessica Metro

I am a graduating senior at the University of Illinois, and I also do freelance design and photography.

Design Responsively Website

Design Responsively is a website I conceptualized, curated, designed, and developed for designers who want to create their own responsive, touch-conscious, resolution-independent websites. The website itself utilizes the tools I discuss and demo. View it live at DesignResponsively.io.

Hulu Plus Mobile Website

Designs and detailed specs of Hulu's mobile website including: info page, browse content page, browse devices page, and sign up flow.

Norden Identity & Website

Identity and responsive website for Norden, a startup industrial design firm from northern Germany, now located in Urbana, Illinois. View a demo of the website and their animated logo live here.

Norden Identity & Print Materials

Identity and print materials for Norden, a startup industrial design firm from northern Germany, now located in Urbana, Illinois. Their identity features an animated logo which is captured stationary via their business cards and in motion via their flip book notepad.

Type Patterns Pattern Generator & Website

Type Patterns is a pattern generator I created using Processing and Processing.js. Each string of text (between spaces and punctuation) is one repeatable unit of the pattern, its color determined by the letters within. I designed and developed the accompanying website. Try it live here.

Trace Game

Trace is a game I designed and developed in Processing for touch-screens that randomly generates shapes to trace. The challenge is to remember what each shape looks like as it adds sides and draws the shapes faster. Download the game.

Hulu Masthead Menus

Designs and redlines of Hulu's masthead menus, designed in the new style, including: browse, social, and search. View the design live at hulu.com.

Hulu Search Experience

Designs and redlines of Hulu's new search experience, redesigned in the new style. View the search experience live at hulu.com/search.

Hulu Responsive Masthead

Designs and redlines of Hulu's responsive masthead promotions specifying target logo, text, and button sizes for four column, five column, and six column views. View the design live at hulu.com.

in Touch Android App & Widget

Logo and screenshots from the Android App and Widget, in Touch, which allows users to see when they have last communicated with their favorite contacts. Designed by me, developed by RJ Marsan and Nelson Osacky for Facebook's 2012 Midwest 24-Hour Hackathon (won second place). Check it out on Google Play.

Split Tip Android App

Screens from the Android App, Split Tip, I designed to allow users to quickly and easily calculate a simple tip, an even split, or their exact share of a bill. Developed by RJ Marsan. Check it out on Google Play.

InDesign ReDesign

User interface re-design idea for Adobe InDesign that highlights a new Glyph Palette and OpenType features.

Studio Problems 2011 website

Portfolio website I designed and developed for seventeen students in a studio lighting and photography class at the University of Illinois. Screens of the interactive home page, a student's project page, and the credits page. View the website live at fillflagflash.com.

CSS Zen Garden theme

Theme designed as a demonstration of what can be done using CSS3 only, based on Dave Shea's CSS Zen Garden. View the website live.

Plasma Sound website

Promotional website designed for the Android App Plasma Sound by RJ Marsan. View the website live at plasmasound.rjmarsan.com.

Shy Guy Says Album Artwork

Front and back covers for the album sucraphrenia by experimental DIY band Shy Guy Says. Physical type created in the negative space of sucralose.

Jason Poleon Website

Promotional website designed for Chicago-based hip-hop dancer Jason Poleon.

Technograph Engineering Magazine

Cover and sample pages from the Spring 2011 issue of the Technograph Engineering Magazine at the University of Illinois.

Good Roots iPhone App

Sample screens from the proposed iPhone App, Good Roots, which allows the user to easily scan an item's barcode to search for more information. They can view an item's parts in a list or on a map, and discover more information about the distance it's traveled, its energy and waste costs, et cetera.

Illinois Natural History Survey Web Icons

Interactive icons designed for the Collections page for the Illinois Natural History Survey's website.

Do It Yourself Typeface

Hand-lettered typeface made by wrapping metal wire around hand-made wooden jigs based on the concept of DIY.

Student Sustainability Committee

Logos in full color, greyscale, and punched-out made for the Student Sustainability Committee at the University of Illinois. Also, excerpt from the logo booklet: instructions on how to use the logo. Plus, posters advocating smarter solutions to energy issues on the University of Illinois campus as well as heightening awareness of the varioius projects of the Student Sustainability Committee.